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Ellie Rose is a lovely young lady with a sweet voice and glamorous appearance who you want to know everything about. She is a blossom slowly blooming in the heart of her favourite city, London. She wants to be “the only rose in your garden”, “the ice in your whiskey”, a charming creature whispering soft and delicate melodies. More, she wants to sing her life and be heard. On stage, she is at ease; eyes closed, she feels the music. She feeds you the words, their beautiful meaning and the time freezes. Her warm yet strong voice seems to cast a spell. Ellie Rose’s music is a rhapsody you listen to carefully, a sweet symphony that leaves you speechless.

So, what is the key to such a talent?

It is at Toulouse Lautrec Brasserie, Kennington that Ellie Rose accepted to reveal us her most interesting secrets. Ellie was about 10 when she started writing songs and playing music. She grew up in Brixton, South London and was introduced very early to various music genres. Rocked by melodies from the 60s, 70s and 80s, Ellie Rose developed very eclectic musical tastes. Madonna, Kate Bush, Carly Simon and Joni Mitchell are just some of the many artists that influenced the starlet and her music. She taught herself how to play guitar, and literally fell in love with acoustics.

“One day, I picked up a guitar and have been addicted ever since”

Young, fresh and creative, little Ellie performed at Marylebone Street Fayre for the first time when she was 11. What a brave little girl Ellie already was: “I actually forgot the lyrics of a song and ended up crying. It happens! I am still here, still going.”

But girl, you’ll be a woman soon.

The young artist gradually learnt to keep her emotions to herself and use them as a strong source of inspiration. Be careful, the rose has thorns. Ellie Rose is a strong lady. I am not a very emotional person; my family thinks I have no emotions at all actually. When I was younger, it was a good outlet: I’d go home, cry and write a song in private.”


Her lyrics are witty, sensual and poetic and she lets the words “drive her” when she doesn’t know where to go. She captures the right words, and keeps them in the back of her mind, waiting for a spark of inspiration. “I’d sit with my guitar and I don’t know what comes first or what happens next, but there’s song. Most of the time, words really drive me.”

In 2011, Ellie stepped onto the stage of The Secret Garden Festival, Cambridgeshire, where she lived her very first live experience. She found a smart way to promote her music and played at more than 150 music venues. Last summer, Rose was invited to perform for BBC introducing at Glastonbury festival, together with artists like Alt-J and Clean Bandit. Full of memories, she tells us her story at the festival, she describes as “the most incredible experience of her life”.  Ellie may be young, but she does not waste time and gets involved in serious projects she is really committed to. After watching a documentary about the charity,Safe Hands for mothers’, Ellie felt the need to write a song against Female Genital Mutilation and Child Marriage. ‘21st Century Girl’ is dedicated to every woman who suffers gender inequality, and is portrayed as a sexual object, “I have no body, I have no face, I am a 21st century girl”. Ellie presented her song in 2014 at the Girl Summit in London and performed in front of world leader, David Cameron, and 2014 Nobel peace prize winner, Malala Yousafsai. “I told the story and played in front of so many people, and it was just me and the guitar … the most nerve-wracking thing I’ve ever done.”

All these great achievements, and Ellie’s musical journey doesn’t stop here. The hardworking girl is now back in the studio, working on her second album, probably featuring new refreshing songs like ‘Off the Record’, which we strongly recommend listening to. Ellie’s first EP was released in 2013 and produced by peermusic, one of the biggest American music publishers in the world. What is crazy about Ellie is her limitless love and passion for music. The young Londoner has never stopped composing songs since she was 10, and has slowly developed a very different approach to music: “I feel a lot more emotionally balanced than before. I know a lot more about production now and about playing with a band. So it is a bit bigger in sound than just me and my guitar.”

Ellie Rose is expected this summer at the Isle of Wight Festival.