elea3Reckless and Restless, Elea is an 18 year-old singer full of verve and energy with a deep raspy voice that sends shivers down your spine. She has her own wild, grungy attitude and plays songs about long roads, storms fire and shadows whilst dreaming of vagrancy and escape.Her lyrics are poetic, intense and intriguing, and she speaks with a certain maturity you would not expect from someone so young. When the thrashing guitars blasts get together with Elea’s rock star snarl, you feel the power. Her groovy songs yet carry a mysterious vibe, an obscure atmosphere you feel curious to discover. Who is this girl? Where does she come from? How does she get inspired?

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Ellie Rose is a lovely young lady with a sweet voice and glamorous appearance who you want to know everything about. She is a blossom slowly blooming in the heart of her favourite city, London. She wants to be “the only rose in your garden”, “the ice in your whiskey”, a charming creature whispering soft and delicate melodies. More, she wants to sing her life and be heard. On stage, she is at ease; eyes closed, she feels the music. She feeds you the words, their beautiful meaning and the time freezes. Her warm yet strong voice seems to cast a spell. Ellie Rose’s music is a rhapsody you listen to carefully, a sweet symphony that leaves you speechless.

So, what is the key to such a talent?

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hot since 82

Magician and innovator in the Kingdom of Deep House, the heavy and deep sounds of Daley Padley –alias ‘Hot since 82’ – have gained eminence in the House scene since 2006. At the time, Daley was mixing at Cream Ibiza and his unique musical identity made him the prince in most of Ibiza’s nightclubs. He is one of that rare group of artists who have made explosive progress in no time. His talent has attracted a wide range of artists and record labels that have offered to work with him.

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